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The Iris Beanie Knitting Pattern: A Swirl Spiral Hat Design With Faux Fur Pom

Design Concept For The Iris Beanie Knitting Pattern: A Spiral Swirl Hat Design With A Faux Fur Pom

When coming up with design concepts for beanies for the fall, I wanted to make sure I had some beginner-friendly patterns that were a breeze to knit up and took no time at all. I thought it'd be unique to have a simple knit beanie with a twist spiral detail design that swirled up to the top of the hat, so that's exactly how The Iris Beanie knitting pattern was born. The swirl detail of The Iris Beanie reminded me of the snow whirling and whipping around the mountain tops in the winter, so I decided to go with a light gray color and added a white faux fur pom to the top. 

The Iris Beanie knitting pattern is a super easy pattern that's suitable for beginners or advanced-beginners, and I even created a free video that you can watch to learn how to make this beanie for free. If  you'd like the written copy of this beanie pattern, you can also choose to get the printable ad-free pattern file which is available in my shop, Etsy, Ravely, and LoveKnitting.

Hey, lefties! We got you covered too with this left-handed version knitting video tutorial below!

You can also snag this pattern on EtsyRavelry, and Loveknitting!

Details Of The Iris Beanie Knitting Pattern: A Beginner-Friendly Design

The knitting pattern for The Iris Beanie is great for beginners, and it is knitted seamlessly in the round from the bottom up on circular knitting needles. You will first start knitting the brim, which is a modern twist on a 1x1 ribbing that is shown and explained in the video and pattern. This technique for the ribbing makes the brim look more prominent, clean, and professional, in my opinion. Oftentimes, ribbing can tend to look sloppy or like your tension is off, so I designed The Iris Beanie knitting pattern to include a brim that showcases the ribbing is a cleaner and more modern way. Then, the remainder of the pattern (the body of the beanie) is knitted following a pattern, with only simple stitches like the knit and purl stitch. This pattern repeat is worked over six rows and is super simple to master. There are a couple rows of decreases at the top that require knowledge of knitting two stitches together, then just add a faux fur pom to the top and you're done! Overall, this pattern is super fast to knit (which is perfect for market prep, if you'll be selling your knitwear at markets during the fall and winter months), and is a pretty mindless knit, requiring only basic stitches and techniques.

And have you heard about our Learn page yet? It's an extensive free resource filled to the brim with information on stitches, reading knitting patterns, terms, schematics, and also filled with loads of photos and video tutorials for many stitches that are required by Darling Jadore patterns. There, you can learn tips like knitting with circular needles and how to invisibly join in the round for The Iris Beanie. No need to spend your hard-earned money on a book just to learn how to knit and helpful tips and tricks. Plus, who even has time to flip through a book?! We designed this digital resource to be user-friendly with a menu that you can click on and it will immediately direct you to the location you want to go in under one second. Want to learn how to Kfb? Click on "kfb" and at lightning speed, you're presented with photos, a video tutorial, and accompanying text to learn. We've also included other informative information like how to read a knitting pattern, common abbreviations, information on blocking, Sierra's top picks for starting a knitting tool kit, information on Continental-style knitting and more. The best part? We're continually updating and growing the content. And if you're wondering, yes we'll be launching a crochet "Learn" page soon too! Oh, and did we mention we have a YouTube page as well? We make sure to include tutorials plus free patterns there as well. And if you're left-handed, we gotchu! Many of our tutorials are also make specifically for lefties!

At Darling Jadore, we strive to create the highest quality patterns and videos, and all of our patterns are "live", meaning they are regularly updated and content (like more video tutorials) is continually being added to each pattern. To read more about how Darling Jadore patterns are different from other designers' patterns, you can check out our FAQ section here.

Accessing The Iris Beanie Knitting Pattern (And All Darling Jadore Knitting Patterns): Retrieval, Downloading, Etc

All Darling Jadore knitting patterns and crochet patterns are digital downloads that are e-mailed immediately after payment is processed, so make sure you enter in your correct e-mail at checkout. Unlike some knitwear designers, all Darling Jadore pattern links never expire, meaning you can download it at any time, and it will always be available to you. Additionally, all Darling Jadore knitting patterns and crochet patterns are "live", meaning that they are constantly being updated. Therefore, if any pattern you've purchased is updated (e.g., instructions changed, videos added, etc), you are sent an e-mail notification and all you need to do is simply re-download your file for the updated version. We at Darling Jadore are passionate about providing the highest quality knitting patterns and crochet patterns and videos to our customers, and to us, that means always updating versions of our patterns to make them the highest possible quality when possible. Most of our knit and crochet patterns are 6+ pages long, include numerous instructional photos and schematics with specific measurements, as well as easy-to-read (i.e., "Plain English") instructions in addition to classic knit or crochet instructions. All Darling Jadore patterns are ad-free, and printer-friendly.

You can also create an account with Darling Jadore, if you want quicker checkout and an easier way to store all your knitting patterns and crochet patterns. Creating an account with Darling Jadore just makes it easier for you to store all of your pattern files and purchasing information in one place, and provides faster checkout. Therefore, you never need to sift through your e-mails to find your confirmation e-mail with the pattern download file; all your files are easily accessible in your account. You can create an account here.

If you ever have any tech issues at all, we have a team of technology specialists who are available every day of the week to assist you and always return e-mails within one or two business days. You can reach our Technical Support Team by e-mailing them at [email protected] and they will gladly assist you with any technical issues. We want the experience of our customers to be as smooth and easy as possible, so we're streamlined the checkout-to-download process as best we can!

Reselling From Darling Jadore Knitting Patterns and Crochet Patterns: Can I Sell My Finished Iris Beanie?

Yes, of course! All finished items made from Darling Jadore knitting patterns and crochet patterns may be sold, so long as clear credit has been given to Darling Jadore™ on your website and/or social media account (if shown and sold there). I love when customers tell me they buy our knit and crochet patterns for "market prep", meaning that they will make a lot of the items in bulk and eventually sell them in fall and winter markets and festivals , or in their Etsy shop, etc. I love seeing your finished items, but kindly ask that you give pattern design credit to Darling Jadore. If you're interested in stocking up your Etsy shop or doing market prep, you might want to check out these fan-favorite patterns: The Cappuccino MittsThe Avalon Hat, and The Haze Scarf.

Please note that all patterns and photographs in this shop are the property of Darling Jadore™ and are thereby purchased under the agreement that they may not be distributed, copied, re-written, or re-sold. Furthermore, all PDF pattern files are protected by U.S. Copyright and are property of Darling Jadore. It is illegal to redistribute, sell, or share the pattern in part or in whole, electronically or physically


  1. […] This beanie is a lovely, stylish choice that would make a great gift for someone who loves modern takes on knitwear. Thanks to the designer Darling Jadore. […]

  2. […] This beanie is a lovely, stylish choice that would make a great gift for someone who loves modern takes on knitwear. Thanks to the designer Darling Jadore. […]

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