Hi, I'm Sierra - a wife and mama of two who enjoys designing knit and crochet patterns in my spare time!

I take a modern approach to knit and crochet patterns. All my patterns are instantly-downloadable digital files that are emailed immediately after payment is processed to the email address provided at checkout. 

All my patterns are premium digital files designed to look modern, be exceptionally user-friendly, ad-free, and easy to print. Each pattern includes detailed written instructions, links to video tutorials, stitch charts, schematics, and photo tutorials when necessary, links to all the exact materials required or recommended, and more. As per industry standard, I also include all the basic elements of a knit and crochet pattern, such as gauge, sizing information, yarn weight/category, information on blocking and care, and more. I also try my best to include other helpful resources, tips, and tricks throughout each pattern. For example, within each pattern, I provide a Stitch Glossary -- a glossary containing all the abbreviations and stitches/techniques required of the pattern that are linked to corresponding video tutorials demonstrating it. I do my best to ensure that the entire experience -- from shopping to checkout to download to creating -- is as enjoyable for my customers as possible. 

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Who's behind Darling Jadore?

Hi, I'm Sierra - a wife and mama who enjoys designing knit and crochet patterns in my spare time!

What's A Pattern?

A Darling Jadore pattern is a printable digital PDF file containing a set of written instructions describing how to construct an item via knitting or crochet techniques. Patterns contain abbreviations and symbols, and each pattern provides its own symbol key and Stitch Glossary. Some patterns may also contain charts using symbols and a matrix of blocks filled with letters and symbols to describe stitches. All Darling Jadore patterns come with instructional video tutorials for extra guidance.


Currently, most Darling Jadore patterns are written in English, but we also offer a few patterns translated into French. We are happy to announce that we are expanding to other languages soon.

Pattern Download Timeframe 

There is no download timeframe; you can download your file at any time. If you run into a problem, email me at [email protected]

Trouble Downloading. Help!

Don't worry! Email me at d[email protected] and I'll help you download your pattern.

What's The Stitch Glossary?

Inside each Darling Jadore knitting pattern and crochet pattern is a "Stitch Glossary". This is a glossary containing all the abbreviations within the pattern. These abbreviations are linked to corresponding video tutorials demonstrating how to work that particular stitch or technique. Oftentimes, we also provide brief explanatory text below the stitch/technique and tutorial photos for quick reference. Each Darling Jadore Stitch Glossary is catered to the particular pattern ordered.

Are Hard Copies Shipped?

No. I sell only digital download files that are emailed to the customer once payment is processed to the email provided at checkout. 

 Gift Card / Store Credit

I offer a digital gift card that is immediately sent to the email provided during checkout. The Darling Jadore gift card never expires, and you get to choose the amount. This is a wonderful gift to give to that special someone you know who loves to knit or crochet, or to grab some store credit for yourself to save for a later date.

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What Do I Receive?

When you order a pattern from Darling Jadore, you will receive an instantly-downloadable digital knitting pattern or crochet pattern Portable Document Format ("PDF") file. Immediately once payment is processed, you are sent a confirmation email via the email you provided during checkout with all the information regarding your order, including any necessary instructions and your receipt. Within that email, you also receive the link to download your knit or crochet pattern file(s). This link to download your file(s) never expires.

Within each Darling Jadore knitting pattern or crochet pattern digital file, you will gain access to a multiple-page PDF document containing written instructions in English and French (if available for the pattern your ordered) on how to knit or crochet the specific design pattern you have ordered. Additionally, you will gain access to a linkable list to all the recommended tools required to knit or crochet the pattern you ordered. You also receive access to a "Stitch Glossary" -- a list of abbreviations, stitches, and techniques required for the particular design pattern you've ordered that links to corresponding video tutorial demonstrating how that stitch or technique is worked. 

German Short Rows

I design many top-down (raglan-style) sweaters because of how enjoyable they are to knit -- a seamless construction with no ends to weave in, highly adaptable, worked in one piece, etc. 

I often choose to design the neckline to be shaped via German Short Rows (GSRs), which I find to be quick, easy, and the end result to be neat and pleasant looking. Shaping of a sweater's neckline is crucial for proper fit when worn, allowing it to lay slightly lower on the neck (as typical shirts/sweaters featuring a slip "scoop"), for comfort, and overall fit.

 For the sweaters I've designed that require GSRs, the GSRs begin at the right sleeve, work up to the front neckline, then back down the right sleeve, back of the sweater, and left sleeve up to the other side of the front neckline; then this process is repeated via these short rows to create a front scooped neckline.

I've demonstrated this process in a video tutorial here

New To Knitting / Crocheting

I offer a free resource page page filled with numerous video tutorials, written text, and photo tutorials of knit stitches and techniques you may encounter when following a Darling Jadore knitting pattern. Master those techniques, and you can tackle almost any of our knitting patterns. I also have a YouTube channel where I offer numerous videos of many stitches, nuanced knitting and crochet techniques, and other helpful tips.

Left-Handed Help

Whether you are a right-handed or a left-handed knitter or crocheter, all Darling Jadore knit and crochet patterns may be followed. Our patterns, however, are written with right-handed knitters and crocheters in mind, which is industry standard. We offer left-handed tutorials on our Left-Handed Tutorials playlist


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Creating An Account

Creating an account makes it easier for you to store all of your patterns in one place, and provides faster checkout. Therefore, you never need to sift through your emails to find your original confirmation email with the pattern download file link -- it's automatically added to your account!

Copyright Statement

All Darling Jadore knitting patterns and crochet patterns and photographs on this website and on all our other platforms are the property of Darling Jadore and are thereby purchased under the agreement that they may not be distributed, copied, re-written, or re-sold. Darling Jadore is a registered business through the Secretary of State, and all Darling Jadore digital knitting pattern and crochet pattern digital files are protected by U.S. Copyright. It is illegal to redistribute, sell, or share the pattern in part or in whole, electronically or physically.

All finished items made from Darling Jadore knit and crochet digital patterns may be sold, so long as written credit has been given to Darling Jadore on the buyer's website.

©DarlingJadore; All rights reserved.

Reselling Finished Items

All finished items made from Darling Jadore knit and crochet patterns may be sold, so long as written credit has been given to Darling Jadore on the buyer's website.

Read our Copyright Statement here.

Printing Help

Head to my Help page for assistance.

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Yarn Substitutions

Looking to substitute the recommended yarn within one of our patterns? I recommend Yarn Sub, a free and helpful online resource.

Refund Policy

I don't offer refunds; however if you make an accidental duplicate order, email me at [email protected] and I'll gladly refund your extra order. 

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