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All Darling Jadore knitting patterns and crochet patterns are instantly-downloadable digital Portable Document Format ("PDF") files that are emailed immediately after payment is processed to the email address provided at checkout. Likewise, if you purchased a Darling Jadore knitting pattern or crochet pattern on Etsy, Ravelry, or LoveKnitting, all those patterns are instant-download digital files as well. If you cannot locate your confirmation email, check your "spam" and "junk" email folders first. Alternately, you might've entered in an incorrect email during checkout. If you ever run into a tech-related issue (i.e., downloading your pattern, link not working, cannot locate your confirmation email, etc), please contact the Darling Jadore Technical Support Team via email at and they will be happy to assist you. 

Once you have received the confirmation email and corresponding receipt for your Darling Jadore order, click on "Click Here To Download" or the pattern name under the download column to start your pattern download. See photo below.


Step 1: When you receive your confirmation email, you’ll see your pattern download link under the “Download” column. It will either say the name of the pattern you ordered (e.g., "York Sweater") or it will say "Click Here To Download!"). See photo below.

Step 2: Click on the link to download your pattern. You’ll see your default browser window pop up with a download notification. See photo below. The Darling Jadore Technical Support Team recommends using Chrome for the best result. If you are a current Chrome user, you’ll see the PDF ready to open at the bottom of the page once it’s done downloading. Each pattern file will have its own link to download. See photo below.

Step 3: When your pattern has been downloaded fully, click on the pattern download and another window will pop up for you to view your PDF pattern.

You can also go to your “Download” folder on your computer to see the PDF if you want to use another PDF viewer program.

For Chrome and other browsers, move your mouse to the top of the pattern PDF window that pulled up toward the Print icon on the top right (note: location may vary depending on your Operation System and computer manufacture). See photo below.

Step 4: When you click on the print icon, your computer will pull up your printer’s configurations. We recommend the paper size as standard “Letter”. To save colored ink, we recommend printing in black and white. See photos below.


Step 1: If you purchased a Darling Jadore Premium Pattern Package, your confirmation email will contain instructions at the bottom of the order details on how to access your video tutorials page. Follow those instructions provided within the confirmation email by clicking or copying the URL of the video tutorial page and copy and paste your video pattern password. See photo below.

Step 2: Once you've reached the video tutorial page, paste the pattern password (i.e., located within the confirmation email) into the password box. See photo below.

Step 3: After submitting the password, the page will now display all the available videos for your pattern. Input the page password into each of the video tutorials on the page in order to access each individual video. See photo below.


We strive to create the highest-quality knitting patterns and crochet patterns that include resources and links to video and photo tutorials for assistance. We also provide upgrade options for many of our patterns (i.e., The Premium Pattern Package option) to grant access to a series of video tutorials. We provide schematics, measurements, "tips" and "notes", a linked shopping list, a stitch glossary, highly-detailed written instructions, and more within each Darling Jadore pattern. Additionally, we ensure that each pattern has been tested by numerous knitters and crocheters to ensure the least chance of error or mistake within the pattern.

However, given the nature of a knit or crochet pattern and the complexities that many DIY fiber arts projects involve, we make no guarantees or any express or implied warranties that the buyer will be able to interpret the knit or crochet pattern in order to compete the project, especially if the buyer is new to the art of knitting or crochet. We also make no guarantees that each pattern is 100% free of any errors. While rare, we do occasionally find small errors within our patterns. We review, re-work, and update our patterns, and if an error is found, we immediately update the pattern and email the updated patterns to the customers who ordered it.

Due to the volume of customers we have on all our platforms (i.e., this website, Etsy, Ravelry, and LoveKnitting), we are unable to offer "pattern assistance" to our customers, including but not limited to the following: customers who are unsure of how to read or follow a knit or crochet pattern; customers inquiring about the specifics of a pattern; customers having trouble understanding or interpreting the pattern in order to follow it successfully; customers confused at a specific step or technique required by the pattern, customers confused regarding the instructions. We try to assist as many customers as possible with any specific pattern-related question they may encounter via email, but aren't able to answer all. We do, however, offer a free resource page called "Learn" on our website, and are working on a crochet version as well. Additionally, we have a YouTube channel that can be referenced for visual assistance. And as stated above, Darling Jadore patterns come with highly-detailed written instructions, a stitch glossary, links to video and photo tutorials, photo tutorials when necessary, charts when necessary, a schematic, and other generic pattern information (i.e., gauge, measurements, supplies, blocking/care instructions, etc). 

We do offer "technical assistance" free-of-charge to all Darling Jadore customers on every platform we sell on. The Darling Jadore Technical Support Team can be contacted via email at and are happy to assist our customers with any tech-related questions including but not limited to the following: customers experiencing difficulty downloading or accessing the pattern file; customers experiencing issues with printing; customers experiencing issues with regenerating the link to download their pattern file(s); customers wishing to upgrade to The Premium Pattern Package and requesting their refunds on their initial order.

Below are some helpful resources we recommend:


If inquiring about yarn or material alternatives for the pattern(s) you ordered (i.e., if you’re trying to knit or crochet a Darling Jadore pattern using a different yarn weight or different hook or needle size than what the Darling Jadore pattern recommends or requires), please refer to the "Supplies" section of the pattern for a full linkable shopping list and description of all the required tools needed for each pattern. We do not offer information regarding how to knit or crochet a Darling Jadore knit or crochet pattern using non-recommended yarn weight or hook/needle size. We do not disclose the exact yarn and brand used for Darling Jadore patterns prior to purchasing a pattern.


We permit the sale of finished items created using a Darling Jadore pattern, will design/pattern credit given to Darling Jadore. All knit and crochet patterns and photographs on our website and all platforms are purchased under the agreement that they may not be distributed, copied, re-written partially or in full, or resold. all Darling Jadore digital files and photographs are protected by U.S. Copyright and are property of Darling Jadore. We do not permit the use of any Darling Jadore photographs and do not sell or offer licensing rights to any of our photographs.


You can reach the Darling Jadore Design Team directly by email us at or by filling out the form below. Our office hours are Mon-Fri 9am-5pm MST.

Feel free to read through our FAQs for immediate answers to questions you may have. Head to our Help page for information regarding downloading patterns, printing help, and more. Contact the Darling Jadore Technical Support Team via email at if you are experiencing technical issues (i.e., downloading/accessing your pattern, links, etc). Please note, we do not answer DMs on social media.