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 For any tech-related issues, please email us at [email protected]

After ordering from Darling Jadore and your payment has fully processed, you will immediately receive a confirmation email and corresponding receipt for your Darling Jadore order sent to the email address that you provided during checkout. When you receive this email, click on "Click Here To Download!" or the pattern name under the download column to start your pattern download. See photo below.


Step 1: After receiving your confirmation email, the pattern download link will be located under the “Download” column. It will either say the name of the pattern  ordered (e.g., "The Cozy Socks") or it will say "Click Here To Download!"). If you ordered multiple patterns, note that each pattern file will have its own separate link to download. See photo below.

Step 2: Click on the link to download your pattern. Your default browser window will pop up with a download notification. See photo below. If you are a current Chrome user,  the PDF will be ready to open at the bottom of the page. See photo below.

Step 3: When your pattern has been downloaded fully, click on the pattern download and another window will pop up for you to view it. Alternately, go to your “Download” folder on your computer to see the PDF if you wish to use another PDF viewer program. For Chrome and other browsers, move your mouse to the top of the pattern PDF window that popped up toward the Print icon on the top right. Note, the location of the print icon may vary depending on your Operation System and computer manufacture. See photo below.

Step 4: Click on the print icon and your computer will pull up your printer’s configurations. It is recommend to set the paper size as standard “Letter”. To save colored ink, it is recommended to print the pattern in black and white. See photos below.


Step 1: If you purchased a Darling Jadore Premium Pattern Package, your confirmation email will contain instructions at the bottom of the order details on how to access the video tutorials page. Follow the instructions provided within the confirmation email by clicking on or copying the URL of the video tutorial page and copy and paste your video pattern password. See photo below.

Step 2: After reaching the video tutorial page, paste the pattern password that is located within the confirmation email into the password box. See photo below.

Step 3: After submitting the password, the page will now display all the available videos for your pattern. Input the page password into each of the video tutorials on the page in order to access each individual video. See photo below.


If you download a Darling Jadore knit or crochet pattern and see blank or white pages within the pattern, this is due to an internet connection issue. We suggest moving to a more stable internet connection to download your pattern file(s), or clearing your browser cache and connecting to a stronger internet connection via an ethernet cord if using Wi-Fi. If your issue persists, we suggest contacting your internet service IT provider for further assistance regarding your internet download speed. 


For alternate yarn suggestions for a pattern, we suggest YarnSub, a free and helpful online resource. We do not offer information regarding how to knit or crochet a Darling Jadore knit or crochet pattern using non-recommended yarn weight or hook/needle size. We do not disclose the exact yarn brand or needle/hook size used for Darling Jadore patterns prior to purchasing a pattern due to copyright concerns. 


We permit the sale of finished items created using a Darling Jadore pattern, will design/pattern credit given to Darling Jadore. All knit and crochet patterns and photographs on our website and all platforms are purchased under the agreement that they may not be distributed, copied, re-written partially or in full, or resold. all Darling Jadore digital files and photographs are protected by U.S. Copyright and are property of Darling Jadore. We do not permit the use of any Darling Jadore photographs and do not sell or offer licensing rights to any of our photographs.