Hi there! We are Darling Jadore -- a team of creatives selling original, modern knitting patterns and crochet patterns and designs, offering free patterns, posting video tutorials, and more. The pattern designing portion of our business is headed by the lead knitwear and crochetwear designer, Sierra, and Darling Jadore also consists of various test-knitters, pattern editors, technical assistants, and videographers who help make it a success. We're located in Colorado.

Sierra is the head of the knitting and crochet design portion of Darling Jadore and she is responsible for designing every knitting pattern and crochet pattern offered, filming most of the video tutorials, and modeling all the finished items. Most of her designs begin as drawn sketches, which eventually turn into charts, schematics, and written text for the end product: a digital knitting or crochet pattern file or video. Sierra has more than two decades worth of experience knitting and crocheting, has received training in sewing and embroidery, and also worked as a high fashion model in New York City, where her interest in fashion design deepened. As an independent knitwear designer, Sierra sells all of her designs under her own label, as well as offers licensing rights for her designs to some companies worldwide. As a licensed attorney, Sierra made a career change to follow her passion in knitwear design full-time in 2018.

All of our knitting patterns and crochet patterns are instantly-downloadable digital files that are e-mailed immediately after payment is processed, so make sure you enter in your correct e-mail at checkout. Unlike some designers, all Darling Jadore knit and crochet pattern links never expire, meaning you can download it at any time, and it will always be available to you. Additionally, all Darling J'adore patterns are "live", meaning that they are constantly being updated. Therefore, if any knit or crochet pattern you've purchased is updated (e.g., instructions changed, videos added, etc), you are sent an e-mail notification and all you need to do is simply re-download your file for the updated version.

We take a modern approach to knitting patterns and crochet patterns. All of our pattern are PDF files, but they are designed to look extremely modern and clean and we made sure they are exceptionally user-friendly, containing all the necessary elements of a pattern plus more. We at Darling Jadore are passionate about providing the highest quality patterns and videos to our customers, and to us, that means always updating versions of our patterns to make them the highest possible quality when possible. Most of our knitting patterns and crochet patterns are 9+ pages long, include numerous instructional photos and schematics, as well as easy-to-read (i.e., "Plain English") instructions in addition to classic knit or crochet instructions. We even include links to various video tutorials throughout most of our patterns (not just the Premium Pattern Packages) to ensure that our customers who prefer visual video content have access to it. All Darling Jadore patterns are ad-free and printer-friendly. We offer patterns for the complete beginner to advanced fiber artists.

Just take a look for yourself below to see the modern, sleek style of our patterns!

The Premium Pattern Package option available for many of our knitting patterns and crochet patterns gives you access to a series of highly detailed video tutorials to guide you through knitting or crocheting the particular pattern you've purchased. As with all of our knit and crochet patterns, the premium packages are also being continually updated, with new videos being added when necessary. All of our Premium Pattern Packages come with 5+ videos to guide you through knitting or crocheting parts of the pattern that are most often the trickiest for knitters or crocheters. These videos also offer tips and tricks for knitting or crocheting future patterns with ease, and allow you to master new techniques and walk away confident knowing you will finish the pattern without any frustration. When you purchase a Premium Pattern Package, the information on where to access these videos (which are password protected) is e-mailed immediately after payment is processed, so make sure you enter in your correct e-mail at checkout. And just like with all our patterns, the link to download the premium packages and access the videos never expire. Oh, and all videos are ad-free, because who's got time for that?

If you've purchased one of our knitting patterns or crochet patterns on any of our platforms and would like to upgrade to the Premium Pattern Package, send an e-mail to our tech team at tech@darlingjadore.com and they will assist you with the refund and upgrade process.

We gotchu covered! We have a team of technology specialists who are available every day of the week to assist you and always return emails within one or two business days at the latest, with typical response time being only a couple hours. You can reach our Technical Support Team at tech@darlingjadore.com and they will gladly assist you with any technical issues. 

Creating an account with Darling Jadore just makes it easier for you to store all of your knitting pattern and crochet pattern files and purchasing information in one place, and provides faster checkout. Therefore, you never need to sift through your e-mails to find your confirmation e-mail with the pattern download file; all your files are easily accessible in your account. In other words: more time for knitting or crocheting! You can create an account here.

We gotchu, boo! We have a "Learn" page filled with lots of our free resources, including written text and photo tutorials and video tutorials of basic knit stitches and techniques required by our knitting patterns. Master those techniques, and you can tackle almost any of our knitting patterns. We'll be rolling out a Learn page for crochet soon. See below for just a couple examples of our videos and photo tutorial!

We design knitting patterns and crochet patterns for the novice all the way to advanced knitter and crocheters, and below we've provided and linked to a few of our beginner-friendly knitting patterns and crochet patterns.













Yes! We like to post free patterns on our YouTube channel, and usually also have an option to purchase the printable version of the knitting pattern or crochet pattern for a discounted price on all our platforms. An example of this is The Iris Beanie knitting pattern, where the free video tutorial is available here and the printable version of the knitting pattern that can be purchased is here. Below are two free patterns we currently offer.

Absolutely! Whether you are a right-handed or a left-handed knitter or crocheter, all Darling Jadore knit and crochet patterns can be worked by both. We are also incorporating left-handed knitting tutorials and crochet tutorials on our website here and on our YouTube page. Below is the Playlist on our YouTube page for left-handed video tutorials. 

We work mostly by selling original knitwear and designs on various platforms (such as this website, Ravelry, LoveKnitting, and Etsy) and we also partner with brands and companies that we believe in and either design knitwear patterns for them or sell rights to one of our existing patterns. We occasionally work with companies or people through social media via marketing and Sierra is also a contract knitwear designer with a few companies, some internationally and some in the United States. We only work with companies and people that we truly believe in and who share a similar vision as us.  Sometimes we are sponsored by brands for blog posts, but again, we only endorse brands and products that we truly believe in. If you are interested in working with us, we'd love to chat with you! You can contact us through our Contact Page or through our email at design@darlingjadore.com.

We only work with companies, brands, and people that we truly believe in and who share a similar vision as us. If you are interested in working with us, we'd love to chat with you! You can contact us through our Contact Page or through our e-mail at design@darlingjadore.com.

Sierra, the lead designer of Darling Jadore knits European-style (also known as Continental-Style). This means she hold her working yarn in the left hand while she knits. She discusses this method of knitting more in this section of the Learn page.

Absolutely! We offer a digital gift card (you get to choose the amount) that is immediately sent to the email you provide at checkout. So you can gift one to yourself or a loved one(s). Our gift cards never expire. This is a wonderful holiday gift to give to that special someone you know loves to knit or crochet, or to grab some store credit for yourself to save for a later date!

All physical items (merchandise) are shipped in 2-10 business days and are shipped from either California or North Carolina fulfillment centers. A confirmation e-mail will be sent immediately upon payment processing and information to track the location of your package.

When shopping for knitting or crochet patterns, you can save $5 when you spend $20 or more by entering coupon code "FIVEOFF" at checkout.  Coupon cannot be combined with other sales or promotions currently going on, but can be combined with other coupons.

All patterns and photographs in this shop and on our website and other platforms are the property of DarlingJadore™ and are thereby purchased under the agreement that they may not be distributed, copied, re-written, or re-sold. Furthermore, all PDF pattern files are protected by U.S. Copyright and are property of DarlingJadore. It is illegal to redistribute, sell, or share the pattern in part or in whole, electronically or physically.

All finished items made from DarlingJadore™ patterns may be sold, so long as clear credit has been given to DarlingJadore™ on the buyer's website and on the buyer's social media account (if shown there).

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This is one of the most-asked questions Sierra gets! So we've compiled a lot of information on our "Learn" resource page here, where we go over all the basic tools you'll need to start knitting or to learn how to knit, along with Sierra's top picks. We also listed our favorite tools and linked to them for convenience. 

Given that our digital patterns are immediately emailed to you after you order, we do not offer refunds; however, if you wish to upgrade to the Premium Pattern Package option, we always immediately issue a full refund on the original pattern your ordered. Simply email our technical support team at tech@darlingjadore.com and they will assist you with the refund and upgrade process. 

Unfortunately, no. We sell only instant-downloadable digital knit and crochet pattern files that are  emailed to you immediately after you pay.

If you've ever noticed a Darling Jadore knitting pattern or crochet pattern from years ago that we no longer offer for sale, it's because we had made a business decision to "retire" that particular pattern. Our team will arrive to that decision when we feel that a pattern (or style of a design) is outdated and/or no longer fits with the direction or style aesthetic Darling Jadore wishes to move toward. We rarely retire patterns, and sometimes a pattern will simply be briefly discontinued because we are in the process of upgrading it.  

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