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Knitted Toddler Dickey: The Perfect Layering Accessory For Fall & Winter | A Knitting Pattern

Inspiration & Other Info About The Toddler Dickey Knitting Pattern

As you may have guessed, the main inspiration behind The Toddler Dickey knitting pattern was my tiny little man needing an excellent layering accessory for fall and winter. Barely a year around the sun, and he already has such a stylish, cozy, handknit wardrobe! If the weather where you live is anything like ours, autumn often swings between frosty mornings, summer-like afternoons, and chilly evenings. And being outside a lot with a toddler, that means *lots* of layering! This is how The Toddler Dickey knitting pattern was born. 

During our freezing morning walks, I'll pop the dickey on overtop whatever sweater he's wearing and snug it inside his puffy warm coat. It stays put like a scarf, but I know it won't slide down, unravel, or have gaps where the icy air can penetrate. Then in the afternoon when there's no need for a coat, I'll pop it over a long-sleeve shirt for a little extra warmth around his neck. IT's truly the perfect accessory that he's been using every day lately. 

Much thought went behind designing this dickey. I wanted the neck to be high, similar to a turtleneck. However, with a turtleneck that folds down, I knew this may get in his way if it flips up. So I designed this dickey to have a mock turtleneck/high-neck that was double-knit for extra warmth and durability -- and it's not going to flip or go anywhere. I designed the shoulder construction to have extra durability as well and to stay put and lay neat and flat, while also providing a little coverage and warmth. The front and back panels are pretty self-explanatory, providing a bib-like layer of extra warmth around the chest and back (these can also be adapted to make as long/short as desired, with instructions in the pattern). The dickey is knitted in the round top-down on circular knitting needles, making it a quick and easy project!

I really hope you enjoy knitting this cute (and super practical) toddler accessory as much as I enjoyed designing it! x

Skill Level & Required Materials For The Toddler Dickey Knitting Pattern

The Toddler Dickey knitting pattern is categorized as an Advanced-Beginner/Intermediate-level pattern, encompassing some nuanced knitting techniques such as short row shaping for the neckline, knitting in the round and flat, and increase and decrease stitches.

Like all Darling Jadore patterns, video tutorials accompany this pattern - so if you ever get stuck, you can refer to them. You can read all about the Darling Jadore Skill Level Classifications here. Overall, this knitting pattern is fun and quick (I can make one in a day or two during toddler naptimes!)

Accessing The Toddler Dickey Knitting Pattern (And All Darling Jadore Patterns): Retrieval, Downloading, Etc

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Reselling From Knitting Patterns: Can I Sell My Finished Toddler Dickey(s)?

Yes, absolutely! All finished items made from Darling Jadore patterns may be sold, so long as clear credit has been given to Darling Jadore on your website, Etsy shop, social media account, or wherever else you decide to sell it. We love when customers tell us they buy Darling Jadore patterns for "market prep", meaning that they will make a lot of the items in bulk and eventually sell them in fall and winter markets and festivals, or in their Etsy shop, etc. We love seeing your finished items, but kindly ask that you give pattern and design credit to Darling Jadore. If you're interested in stocking up your Etsy shop or doing market prep, you might want to check out these fan-favorite patterns that we often see sold at craft shows or in our customers' Etsy shops: The Hickory BeanieThe Beginner Socks, The Classic Scrunchie The Kobuk Tea TowelThe Sinensis Tote.

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