Skill Level Classifications

Each Darling Jadore knit and crochet pattern is categorized in one of the four skill levels. Each pattern is designated on the listing description; below are brief descriptions of each classification.


  • These patterns are great for novices interested in starting the journey of learning the art of knit or crochet. These patterns are wonderful for building foundational skills or strengthening existing skills. Common stitches and techniques are combined to create an overall relaxing experience when following one of these patterns. Instructional video tutorials are provided.


  • These patterns are slightly more involved than beginner-level, but remain uncomplicated and straightforward. New techniques are introduced, typically involving common increase and decrease stitches. These patterns are great for building upon already established skillsets and becoming acquainted with new techniques. Instructional video tutorials are provided.


  • These patterns include more involved techniques that incorporate five or more unique stitches in the project, including decreases and increases, short rows, lace, or shaping. These patterns are great for advancing skills, and can fine-tune and strengthen existing skillsets to build confidence as a knitter or crocheter. Instructional video tutorials are provided.


  • These patterns require a certain degree of skill and involve techniques incorporating five or more unique stitches, in addition to either lacework or cablework. Managing several instructions simultaneously, such as working cables while also working separate increases may be involved. These patterns are great if you're seeking a bit of a challenge, and to strengthen existing skillsets. Instructional video tutorials are provided.

FAQs About Classifications

Dual Designations

Occasionally, a Darling Jadore knit or crochet pattern will be classified as a combination of two levels, e.g., "Advanced-Beginner/Intermediate". Though this designation is rare, a pattern is typically categorized in this manner when a variety of skills and techniques are involved that, when fully considered, could fall into either category, depending upon the skillsets of the knitter or crocheter following the particular pattern.

Leveling Up + Guidance

All Darling Jadore knitting patterns and crochet patterns come equipped with a Stitch Glossary that includes links to numerous instructional video tutorials to guide you throughout every step of the pattern. If you're a new knitter or crocheter who is comfortable with the basics and foundation stitches and techniques, you can feel confident leveling up to Advanced-Beginner, knowing that video tutorials can help guide you through any new stitches or techniques you encounter along the way. If you're comfortable with an Advanced-Beginner pattern, then you can feel confident leveling up to Intermediate when you have a strong understanding of all the skills required by Beginner and Advanced-Beginner patterns. We also offer a free online resource "Learn" page.

With this said, many of our customers dive right in to an Intermediate pattern first because they fall in love with an Intermediate-level design, such as a sweater -- and they are successful! Since our patterns are filled with instructional video tutorials for guidance (and oftentimes photos as well), many people can jump right into an Intermediate-level pattern with ease. 

Best Patterns For New Knitters

Any knitting pattern categorized "Beginner" is suitable for someone new to the craft of knitting. Our collection of beginner-friendly patterns can be browsed here. Our top best-selling beginner patterns for those completely new to the art of knitting (and have never knitted previously) include: The Blanket Scarf, The Favorite Scarf, and The Nora Scarf.

Best Patterns For New Crocheters

Any crochet pattern categorized "Beginner" is suitable for someone new to the craft of crochet. Our collection of beginner-friendly patterns can be browsed here. Our top best-selling beginner patterns for those completely new to the art of crochet (and have never crocheted previously) include: The Fireside Throw, The Haze Scarf, and The Halston Scarf.

What's The Most Challenging Pattern?

Currently, we only offer one Skilled-level pattern: The Juniper Gloves knitting pattern. 

Sock Knitting: Where To Start

It's no secret that knitting socks is among the top favorite projects for knitters! But for many new knitters, it can be dauting determining which pattern(s) to begin with. Rest assured that all Darling Jadore sock knitting patterns come with links to helpful video tutorials and step-by-step guided instructions to make sock knitting a breeze! Below, we've provided some information on where to start your sock knitting journey.

Beginning Your Sock Knitting Journey: If you're new to the sock knitting world, we recommend starting with The Beginner Socks knitting pattern. Some of our other beginner-friendly sock knitting patterns you may like include: The Ankle Socks, The Feather Socks, The Everyday Socks, The Mountain Socks, The Boyfriend Socks.

Next Step Of Your Journey: Once you've knitted your first pair of socks and have learned the basic techniques, you can move on to knitting socks with unique textures. Some of these textured socks knitting patterns include: The Chalet Socks, The Pinewood Socks, The Highland Socks, and The Kodiak Socks

Final Step Of Your Journey: After mastering the techniques for socks knitting, you can move on to more complex sock designs, such as socks featuring Fair-Isle/colorwork or lace. Some of our favorite sock patterns that fall within these categories include: The Rosehip Socks, The Snowfield Socks, The Permafrost Socks, The Alpine Socks, The Artic Socks, and The Seabrook Socks

Note that each knitter is different, and many new sock knitters begin their sock knitting journey with a textured or lace sock knitting pattern with ease, skipping right over the "beginner-level" sock knitting patterns altogether. Since all Darling Jadore sock knitting patterns equip you with video tutorials and guided instructions, you can order a sock pattern at any level with confidence that you'll be able to complete the project. 

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