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The Sinensis Tote Crochet Pattern ⨯ A Classic Granny Square Tote

The Design Concept For The Sinensis Tote Crochet Pattern: Granny Square Inspiration

When designing The Sinensis Tote crochet pattern, I wanted to create a super easy, beginner-friendly tote bag that's a quick and easy summer crochet pattern to follow. And of course, I was greatly inspired by the classic granny square design, which I love so much -- just see The Honeymilk Throw pattern for proof! I had a geometrical, no-fuss deign in mind, and wanted the look and feel of the bag to have an overall sophisticated yet understated design...sometimes simple is best! So the design concept for The Sinensis Tote crochet pattern (which is the name of the type of flowers that are in the photos, by the way) came to life! 

You can also get the pattern from EtsyRavelry, or LoveKnitting!

darling jadore sinensis tote
darling jadore sinensis tote bag
darling jadore granny square tote

The Granny Square Design + Other Details Of The Sinensis Tote Crochet Pattern

The tote has an easy, effortless look and feel to it, which I'm all about. And the rhythmic flow of simple crochet stitches will get you addicted in no time! I've already made a few for friends, and they're always a huge hit. Since they're a simple and fast crochet project, they're also perfect gifted during the holidays.

darling jadore sinensis tote bag
easy crochet pattern
darling jadore sinensis tote

A Breakdown Of The Sinensis Tote Crochet Pattern: What Do I Get?

  • A highly-detailed PDF digital file with step-by step instructions.
  • All the specific details of all the materials and yarn used to create the exact tote in the photos
  • A stitch glossary containing a brief written explanation of some of the stitches and techniques used in the pattern for convenience, along with links to video tutorials to guide you.
  • Tips and tricks to crocheting this tote with ease.
  • All the basic crochet pattern attributes: gauge, abbreviations, step-by-step instructions, basic technique explanations, dimensions, e-mail support, etc.
  • Technical assistance via e-mail from the Darling J'adore Technical Support Team. They typically answer all e-mails usually within the hour, and can assist you at [email protected] if you happen to run into any technical issues.
sinensis tote bag
crochet pattern tote
crochet pattern tote bag
summer tote bag darling jadore

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