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The Lola Bag Crochet Pattern ⨯ A Fashion Backpack Purse

The Design Concept For The Lola Bag Crochet Pattern: A Fashion Backpack Purse That's Super Stylish

A high-fashion look, trendy backpack straps, beautiful gold or silver details, and a classic crochet design -- The Lola Bag has it all! Designing The Lola Bag was a really fun challenge, because I wanted to mix mediums and create a purse that didn't have too much of a "handmade" look, but rather a fashion feel to it. Therefore, it was crucial to design The Lola Bag to implement those classic staples that many high-fashion purses have: hardware latches, chain details, structured straps, etc. Every single detail and design element that went into creating The Lola Bag was put there on purpose to balance the proportions and of the bag and ultimately make it more of a fashion item. What resulted was a fashion backpack purse that's super stylish and oh-so cute to wear any season!

When buying the crochet pattern for The Lola Bag, you have two options: The Premium Pattern Package gives you access to a series of video tutorials (currently, there are 11 videos!) that help guide you through every detail of crocheting this bag. Or you can choose to forgo the Premium Pattern Package and get only the pattern PDF. Regardless of which option you choose, the pattern PDF does come with some photo tutorials to help guide you, and lots of tips and tricks.  I absolutely love the way this fashionable backpack purse turned out, and I really hope you enjoy the crocheting your own Lola Bag!

You can also get the pattern from EtsyRavelry, or LoveKnitting!

darling jadore crochet pattern lola bag

More About Crocheting The Lola Bag And The Difficulty Level Of The Crochet Pattern

At first glance, The Lola Bag crochet pattern might look complicated to make, but in reality, it's actually quite simple! The base, body, and flap of the bag are all crocheted using simple stitches and techniques, and it's an easy pattern to follow for beginners or advanced-beginner crocheters. The other details of the bag are also made very simply, with materials being inexpensively sourced from local hobby stores. The body of The Lola Bag takes the longest to crochet, but can still be accomplished in just a few hours, and then all the fun details of the bag take very little time as well. I specifically designed the crochet pattern for The Lola Bag to be suitable for advanced-beginner crocheters, and made sure to incorporate only simple stitches like single-crochet and double-crochet throughout. The Lola Bag is a fast project to  crochet and the hardware details are assembled within minutes!

The Lola Bag is the perfect size because it's big enough to hold all your essentials and a few extra things, and it's super trendy with the chain backpack straps that can be worn a variety of ways. Backpack purses have been a huge trend the past year or two, and I'm beyond excited that I have designed my own version!

darling jadore crochet pattern
darling jadore crochet pattern

More About The Backpack Details And Style Of The Lola Bag Crochet Pattern

The Lola Bag has so many details, which is why I love it so much! The bag is crocheted using simple stitches, with a flat bottom and structured body and a purse flap. The flap on the bag is specifically designed to provide a space/gap for the hardware latch recommended to fit it. However, if you decide to crochet your own Lola Bag using a different latch, there is instructions within the PDF describing how to crochet it to fit your hardware. The gold or silver metal hardware detail design is also incorporated into the backpack chain straps as well as the large tassel detail. Additionally, there is a drawstring closure to The Lola Bag that also features smaller tassels that are made by hand. The drawstring can be made using leather or yarn (both are described and shown with a photo tutorial). Lastly, there is a structured top handle that stays in place, as well as a smaller doorknob handle on the back of the bag to hang it up. I could go on and on gushing about all the crocheted details and hardware details!

darling jadore crochet pattern
crochet pattern darling jadore

Can I Crochet The Lola Bag Backpack Purse? What's The Difficulty Level Of This Crochet Pattern?

The Lola Bag crochet pattern was specifically designed for advanced-beginner to intermediate crocheters in mind, and requires only simple stitches and design elements. The bag is crocheted from the bottom up, and takes no time at all. Additionally, the cute hardware and tassel details are a breeze to make, and the pattern PDF provides plenty of instructional photos to guide you. Of course, if you purchase the Premium Pattern Package, you'll gain access to a series of premium video tutorials to help guide you step-by-step through this pattern (so far, there's 11 videos total!). But overall, this crochet pattern is very easy to follow, and this adorable backpack purse whips up in no time at all!

 At Darling J'adore, we strive to create the highest quality patterns and videos, and all of our patterns, including the Premium Pattern Packages, are "live", meaning they are regularly updated and content (like more video tutorials) is continually being added to each pattern. To read more about how Darling J'adore patterns are different from other designers' patterns, you can check out our FAQ section here.

darling jadore crochet backpack purse pattern
darling jadore backpack purse

A Breakdown Of The Crochet Pattern: What Do I Get When I Order The Lola Bag Crochet Pattern?

When ordering The Lola Bag crochet pattern, you get to choose between two options: Option #1: Get the "Premium Pattern Package", which includes the highly-detailed PDF plus access to a series of detailed video tutorials (there's a total of 11 right now!) to help guide you; or Option #2: Get only the digital PDF file and forgo the video tutorial support.


  • A highly-detailed PDF digital file with step-by step instructions, and loads of tutorial photos to guide you step-by-step.
  • Numerous pages worth of photo tutorials.
  • All the specific details of all the materials used to create the exact bag in the photos.
  • A quick written explanation of some of the stitches and techniques used in the pattern for convenience.
  • All the basic crochet pattern attributes: gauge, abbreviations, step-by-step instructions, basic technique explanations,photos, e-mail support, etc.
  • Technical assistance via e-mail from the Darling J'adore Technical Support Team. They answer all e-mails usually within the hour, and can assist you at [email protected] if you happen to run into any technical issues.

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