Perfect Project Planner For The Knitter and Crocheter



Keep track of all the details and any modifications you make for the particular knit or crochet pattern you’re following. Clean, concise, and organized.


    • A DarlingJadore™ Original PDF design
    • Designed specifically for knitters & crocheters
    • Stay on track by taking detailed notes while following any knit or crochet pattern
    • Never forget which yarn you used, dye lot, modifications made, pattern source, etc
    • Plot your course of action prior to beginning the pattern
    • Divide the pattern into tasks to make it easier to accomplish
    • An instant-download digital file (1 page)
    Includes space to provide the following information:
    >> Pattern name
    >> Pattern source
    >> Process (knit or crochet)
    >> Checklist of tasks to keep you on track
    >> Section for modifications made to the pattern
    >> Difficulty level of the pattern
    >> Gauge
    >> Yarn brand
    >> Yarn dye lot
    >> Yarn color
    >> Where yarn bought
    >> Number of skeins
    >> Space for notes
    >> Needles or hook required
    >> Other notions
    >> Description of pattern
    >> Start date
    >> Finish date
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    © 2021 DarlingJadore; All rights reserved.

    © 2021 DarlingJadore; All rights reserved.