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Easy Potholders ⨯ A FREE Crochet Pattern

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A Fun + Easy Crochet Pattern For The Cutest Kitchen Potholders

Who doesn't love a quick and simple crochet pattern to make the perfect kitchen potholders? Well I sure do, which is why I designed these and wanted to share this free crochet pattern and video tutorial! These potholders are crocheted with only simple stitches, and can easily be whipped up in less than half an hour to make perfect last-minute house welcoming gifts or just to add to your own kitchen decor. They are unique because instead of a raw edge, the edges are crocheted using reverse single crochet (aka: crab stitch) to make them look neater, and they also feature a perfect little handle to hang them up!

Required Materials To Crochet These Super Useful Potholder

These potholders can be made with a variety of different yarns, but I really enjoyed working with the Lion Brand Rewind yarn for this. I have had this yarn in my stash for about a year now, and never was much inspired by it because its not very soft and the color isn't great either (ha!). But I always knew it would be a fun yarn to work with for kitchen or household items...and the day finally came that I pulled the yarn out and whipped up these potholders with it!

Another option for these crochet potholders that is great is to double them up. Meaning, you can simply crochet two rectangles and seam them together (prior to working the reverse single crochet edge) in order to make them double-thick. After seaming the two rectangles together, then you can simply work reverse single crochet around the edge to finish it off. Alternatively, you can go up a hook size and hold two strands of yarn together to make them extra thick. This is especially useful for puling things out of the oven or if you'll be using these potholders for really hot surfaces or as a trivet for very hot trays or pots. 

The little handle for the potholders is just the perfect length to fit around a cupboard knobs to hang (which is where we keep ours here at home!) and is really simple to make. It take less than a minute to crochet the handle, and is a little special detail that, in my opinion, makes these potholders extra cute and functional.

free crochet pattern darling jadore

Easy Potholders Crochet Pattern

  • Start with a slip knot.
  • Ch 29.
  • Row 1: Work 1 HDC in 2nd ch from hook and 1hdc in every st in the row. Ch2 & turn.
  • Rows 2-18: Rep Row 1.
  • Row 19: Ch1, and then work rsc all the way around potholder.
  • Handle: Ch 16. Sl st back to beginning ch. Sl st the bottom of handle onto potholder to attach. Break yarn & secure with knot.


  • Ch: Chain
  • Hdc: Half Double Crochet
  • Rep: Repeat
  • Rsc: Reverse Single Crochet
  • Sl st: Slip stitch
  • St: Stitch

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