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The Phlox Headband Knitting Pattern: A Lacy Earwamer Counterpart to The Phlox Beanie

The Design Concept Of The Phlox Headband Knitting Pattern: The Lacy Counterpart to The Phlox Beanie

Wisps of delicate flower-esque lace cascade gracefully down the center of a beautiful headband, making The Phlox Headband an exquisite, ethereal accessory for fall and winter. The striking contrast of stunning lacework boldly emerging from a sea of classic knit stitches makes this headband truly captivating. Inspired by beautiful white phlox flowers, and designed as the counterpart to the lovely Phlox Beanie, this knitting pattern is suitable for advanced-beginner knitters and equips you with detailed written instructions, a stitch glossary, links to numerous video and photo tutorials, a schematic with precise measurements, information on adapting the pattern to make it larger or smaller, and more. If you're searching for a delightfully fun knitting pattern to create a charming and unique knit ear warmer, then The Phlox Headband knitting pattern is definitely for you!

Phlox flowers  grow in diverse habitats from alpine tundra to open woodland, prairies, and meadows, and have always been valued in gardens for their simplistic beauty and their ability to attract butterflies. I designed The Phlox Headband (and The Phlox Beanie) to have a simplistic knit appearance, which is why I chose to design this headband with simple yet classic oatmeal-colored yarn and to incorporate classic knit stitches. The striking knit lacework design down the center of The Phlox Headband was inspired by the Phlox flower, especially when they grow in bunches on the ground, which can sometimes look like intricate lace, with the earth peeping through the petals. This added lacework on the headband adds textural and visual interest and makes a huge impact.

I love all types of knit or crochet accessories for fall and winter, and I needed to incorporate some ear warmers and headbands into my portfolio. Knitted headbands and ear warmers are always something I gravitate toward during the cooler months, because it's so nice to wear one on a jog or just when out and about. The Phlox Headband is a super quick knitting project too, which is always great to incorporate into some of my other knitting patterns that might take longer. I hope you will enjoy knitting this headband as much as I enjoyed designing it!

You can also grab The Phlox Headband knitting pattern on Ravelry, Etsy, and LoveKnitting

More Details Of The Phlox Headband Knitting Pattern: Construction, What's In The Knit Pattern + More

The Phlox Headband is knitted flat using only simple lacework and knit stitches and techniques. Overall, it's a very easy and quick knitting pattern. It's categorized as being suitable for advanced-beginners due to the lacework. The lacework stitches are comprised of simple increases and decreases -- nothing difficult at all. 

And have you heard about our Learn page yet? It's an extensive free resource filled to the brim with information on stitches, reading knitting patterns, terms, schematics, and also filled with loads of photos and video tutorials for many stitches that are required by Darling Jadore patterns -- and all the stitches and techniques required by The Phlox Headband knitting pattern! There, you can learn how to cast on, and how to make simple increases and decreases for this knitting pattern. No need to spend your hard-earned money on a book just to learn how to knit and helpful tips and tricks. Plus, who even has time to flip through a book?! We designed this digital resource to be user-friendly with a menu that you can click on and it will immediately direct you to the location you want to go in under one second. Want to learn how to Kfb? Click on "kfb" and at lightning speed, you're presented with photos, a video tutorial, and accompanying text to learn. We've also included other information like how to read a knitting patterncommon abbreviations, information on blockingSierra's top picks for starting a knitting tool kit, information on Continental-style knitting and more. The best part? We're continually updating and growing the content. 

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Accessing The Phlox Headband Knitting Pattern (And All Darling Jadore Knitting Patterns): Retrieval, Downloading, Etc

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Reselling From Darling Jadore Knit and Crochet Patterns: Can I Sell My Finished Phlox Headband?

Yes! All finished items made from Darling Jadore knitting patterns and crochet patterns may be sold, so long as clear credit has been given to Darling Jadore™ on your website and/or social media account (if shown and sold there). I love when customers tell me they buy patterns for "market prep", meaning that they will make a lot of the items in bulk and eventually sell them in fall and winter markets and festivals, or in their Etsy shop, etc. In fact, some of our customers' favorite market-prep items to knit include The Avalon BeanieThe Lakewood BeanieThe Halston Scarf, and The Cappuccino Mitts -- so check those out if you want to stock up for market season! I love seeing your finished items, but kindly ask that you give pattern credit to Darling Jadore. 

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