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Indulge In A Cozy December With The Comfort Sweater Knitting Pattern

A Cozy, Beginner-Friendly Sweater Knit Pattern: The Design Process & Inspiration

A classic knit sweater with a cozy oversized fit, The Comfort Sweater features beautiful ribbed details, side vents, and a comfy mock turtleneck, making it a timeless staple in any wardrobe. Designed with beginner sweater-knitters in mind (and seasoned knitters, too!), this pattern equips you with highly-detailed written instructions, links to numerous video tutorials, a Stitch Glossary, a detailed schematic and sizing guide, numerous helpful tips, and more. If you’re looking to knit an ultra cozy, classic sweater, then you’ll love The Comfort Sweater knitting pattern!

When designing this sweater, I wanted an ultra-classic, timeless design that could easily be knitted by beginners or seasoned knitters. I specifically designed this sweater with first-time raglan sweater knitters in mind, and made a point to keep the stitches and techniques simple and straightforward. I also made sure to design this sweater to be completely seamless, knitted in the round top-down, so that there is absolutely no seaming required. As a result, The Comfort Sweater knitting pattern has no waist, neck, or bust shaping, with only minimal sleeve shaping involved. All the stitches and techniques requires are simple, and the pattern contains numerous links to corresponding video tutorials for convenience. Since The Comfort Sweater is knitted using medium/worsted-weight (category 4) yarn and U.S. Size 8 (5mm) knitting needles, it knits up super quickly and is sure to keep you cuddly warm during the colder months. Pictured: Size Medium on a model with 34" bust, 26" waist

Skill Level, Sizes, Materials, & Other Information About The Knitting Pattern

The skill level for The Comfort Sweater knitting pattern is categorized as suitable for advanced-beginners, first-time raglan sweater knitters. This pattern was specifically designed for beginner sweater knitters in mind, who are looking to learn the basic techniques and skills required for knitting classic raglan (i.e., top-down) sweaters. If you've always wanted to learn how to knit a sweater seamlessly, top-down, then The Comfort Sweater is perfect for you. But seasoned knitters will also find enjoyment in knitting this sweater because of its classic design and style, rhythmic and relaxing stitches, and straightforward pattern. 

To knit The Comfort Sweater, U.S. Size 8 (5mm) knitting needles are required. Like all Darling Jadore knit and crochet patterns, this sweater knitting pattern includes a linked shopping list to all the required and suggested materials. The yarn yardage required to knit this sweater (approximates per size) are as follows: Size XS: 1020 yards (932.688 meters); Size S: 1030 yards (941.832 meters); Size M: 1040 yards (950.976 meters); Size L: 1047 yards (957.3768 meters); Size XL: 1051 yards (961.0344 meters); Size 2XL: 1055 yards (964.692 meters); Size 3XL: 1059 yards (968.3496 meters); Size 4XL: 1062-1065 yards (971.0928-973.836 meters). Size 5XL: 1068 yards (976.5792 meters).

This sweater knitting pattern comes in eight sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL) with a detailed schematic and sizing guide provided within the pattern for reference.  The bust circumference for the sweater are as follows: 37” (93.98 cm), 39” (99.06 cm), (42”) (106.68 cm), 47” (119.38 cm), 50” (127 cm), 54” (137.16 cm), 59.5” (151.13 cm), 63” (160.02 cm), 68.5” (173.99 cm).

Accessing The Comfort Sweater Knitting Pattern (And All Darling Jadore Knitting Patterns): Retrieval, Downloading, Etc

All Darling Jadore knit and crochet patterns are digital downloads that are emailed immediately after payment is processed, so make sure you enter in your correct email at checkout. Unlike some knitwear designers, all Darling Jadore pattern links never expire, meaning you can download it at any time, and it will always be available to you. Additionally, all Darling Jadore patterns are "live", meaning that they are constantly being updated. Therefore, if any pattern you've purchased is updated (e.g., instructions changed, videos added, etc), you are sent an email notification and all you need to do is simply re-download your file for the updated version. We at Darling Jadore are passionate about providing the highest quality patterns and videos to our customers, and to us, that means always updating versions of our patterns to make them the highest possible quality when possible. All Darling Jadore patterns are ad-free and printer-friendly. You can read all of our FAQs here!

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Another BIG perk of shopping with Darling Jadore: If you ever have any tech issues at all, we have a team of technology specialists who are available every day of the week to assist you and always return e-mails within one or two business days (with typical response time being under an hour). You can reach our Technical Support Team by emailing them at [email protected] and they will gladly assist you with any technical issues. We want the experience of our customers to be as smooth and easy as possible, so we're streamlined the checkout-to-download process as best we can, and our wonderful technical support team works super hard to make that happen.

Reselling From Patterns: Can I Sell My Finished Comfort Sweater?

Yes, absolutely! All finished items made from Darling Jadore patterns may be sold, so long as clear credit has been given to Darling Jadore on your website, Etsy shop, social media account, or wherever else you decide to sell it. We love when customers tell us they buy Darling Jadore patterns for "market prep", meaning that they will make a lot of the items in bulk and eventually sell them in fall and winter markets and festivals, or in their Etsy shop, etc. We love seeing your finished items, but kindly ask that you give pattern and design credit to Darling Jadore. If you're interested in stocking up your Etsy shop or doing market prep, you might want to check out these fan-favorite patterns: The Cappuccino MittsThe Avalon Hat, and The Haze Scarf.

Please note that all patterns and photographs in this shop are the property of Darling Jadore and are thereby purchased under the agreement that they may not be distributed, copied, re-written, or re-sold. Furthermore, all PDF pattern files are protected by U.S. Copyright and are property of Darling Jadore. It is illegal to redistribute, sell, or share the pattern in part or in whole, electronically or physically.

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