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A Teddy To Support The ASPCA: A Classic Keepsake Teddy Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

An Adorable, Classic Teddy Bear Crochet Pattern With Proceeds Benefiting The ASPCA

We are beyond thrilled to announce our latest crochet pattern: The Classic Teddy! Cuddly, precious, and utterly adorable, The Classic Teddy will instantly become a beloved and cherished keepsake teddy bear for children or adults for years to come. We're excited to announce that 50% of all earnings from this crochet pattern goes directly to the ASPCA, the national leader in animal rescue and protection. Darling Jadore is a proud Business Ambassador for The ASPCA, and we're thrilled about this partnership and for our latest crochet pattern to help support the ASPCA. Join us in advocating for vulnerable animals to receive the protection + care they deserve with your purchase of this pattern. Please take a moment to learn more about their work. Suitable for advanced-beginner crocheters, this crochet pattern equips you with highly-detailed written instructions, tutorial photos, a schematic, a stitch glossary, links to helpful video and photo tutorials, and is so fun and enjoyable to create! If you're looking to create a perfectly-sized, perfectly cuddly, ultra-darling teddy, then look no further than The Classic Teddy crochet pattern.  Scroll down to read more about our design inspiration and the special meaning behind this design, the required materials, the skill level, more details about the crochet pattern, and more!

The Meaning Behind The Classic Teddy Crochet Pattern: A Special Teddy Bear For A Special Cause

As many of you already know, a portion of the Darling Jadore eco-friendly collection of knitting patterns and crochet patterns goes directly to The Nature Conservancy each year. As a business, we feel strongly about donating to worthy causes and giving back a portion of our proceeds to charities and organizations that we feel deeply about. So the entire design idea for The Classic Teddy came about because I wanted the ASPCA to be an organization that Darling Jadore also gave to each year. We are so thrilled and proud to now say that Darling Jadore is an official Business Ambassador for the ASPCA. As a national leader in animal rescue and protection, the ASPCA fights every day for vulnerable animals needing care, protection, and love.

So when I went to design a knitting pattern or crochet pattern that would relate to this worthy cause, I didn't want it to be a fashion or accessory item. I thought extensively about blankets or other home decor-related items, but ultimately decided on an ultra-classic teddy bear design. Teddy bears are symbols of love, care, and compassion, and evoke feelings and thoughts of tenderness, universal love, and an openness of heart. Teddy bears are often gifted during a wide range of moments: from crises and trauma situations (i.e., court bears), to birthday gifts or a romantic surprise. In any situation, a teddy bear is always gifted from a place of love, kindness, and affection. For these reasons, I thought The Classic Teddy was a perfect design to represent our annual donation to the ASPCA. We're thrilled that you can now join us in advocating for vulnerable animals to receive the protection and care they deserve with your purchase of The Classic Teddy crochet pattern. Please take a moment to learn more about their work.

More Details About The Classic Teddy: A Cuddly & Soft Amigurumi Crocheted Bear 

It's not hard to instantly fall in love with The Classic Teddy! With silky-soft, scruffy-like fur, a pink nose and mouth, and being the perfect size, this teddy definitely steals hearts. I specifically designed this teddy bear to be a classic shape and structure, and to have the stature to sit upright on its own. At approximately 12" (30.48 cm) tall and a body circumference of approximately 17" (43.18 cm), The Classic Teddy is a wonderful size for both children and adults alike. I specifically chose the yarn for this teddy to be not only super soft and cuddly, but to also have a scruffy-like look, which reminds me of vintage teddy bears. Crocheted using super bulky weight (category 6) yarn, teddy works up super quickly too, which is always a plus!

The nose and mouth for The Classic Teddy crochet pattern requires simple embroidery techniques, and there are detailed tutorial photos provided within the crochet pattern for reference. I experimented with teddy's embroidered nose using brown, blue, and pink yarn before ultimately landing on pink as the final option -- think it added a sweet touch. I experimented with both embroidered eyes and safety eyes, before finally deciding to use safety eyes. Getting the proportions for The Classic Teddy was overall the trickiest part of designing this teddy bear. I wanted to make sure that teddy's legs were big enough to allow her to sit upright on her own, but without looking too big. Likewise, I wanted her arms to be long enough to lay comfortably at her side without gangling. Her muzzle, ears, and tail were also tricky to get the exact proportions that would make her look *extra* cute and adorable. Overall, I'm thrilled with how she turned out, and The Classic Teddy has quickly become a teddy that friends have instantly said "awww" upon first seeing!

Who Can Crochet The Classic Teddy? What's The Skill Level Of The Crochet Pattern?

I specifically designed The Classic Teddy crochet pattern to be suitable for advanced-beginner crocheters and to work up quickly and effortlessly. Since this crochet pattern requireds super bulky-weight (category 6) yarn, this teddy works up so fast and it's a breeze to crochet! This crochet pattern requires only the simplest of crochet stitches and techniques and crocheting in the round. The nose and mouth for The Classic Teddy is created via simple embroidery stitches, and the pattern contains detailed instructions and photos. Don't be intimidated by the embroidery -- it takes less than a few minutes to finish and is a breeze. Overall, The Classic Teddy crochet pattern is very easy and fun and suitable for advanced-beginner crocheters.

Additionally, inside each Darling Jadore digital knitting pattern and crochet pattern, we provide a "Stitch Glossary". This is a glossary containing all the abbreviations within the pattern. These abbreviations are also linkable and when you click on them, you will be redirected to video tutorials and photo tutorials on how to work this stitch or technique. Our stitch glossaries also contain written-out text explaining how to work a certain stitch for quick reference. The Stitch Glossary within each Darling Jadore knit or crochet pattern is catered to that particular pattern; therefore, you will only have abbreviations and links for the actual techniques and stitches required by that pattern. We think the addition of the Stitch Glossary within each Darling Jadore. For example, if "dc" shows up in your crochet pattern, then within the Stitch Glossary it will say: "Dc: Double crochet" and if you click on "Dc" (which is a clickable link), you'll be redirected to a video tutorial for this technique. 

Reselling From Darling Jadore Knit And Crochet Patterns: Can I Sell My Finished Classic Teddy?

Yes, absolutely! All finished items made from Darling Jadore knitting patterns and crochet patterns may be sold, so long as clear credit has been given to Darling Jadore™ on your website and/or social media account (if shown and sold there). We love when customers tell us they buy patterns for "market prep", meaning that they will make a lot of the items in bulk and eventually sell them in fall and winter markets and festivals, or in their Etsy shop, etc. In fact, some of our customers' favorite market-prep items to knit include The Avalon BeanieThe Lakewood BeanieThe Halston Scarf, and The Cappuccino Mitts -- so check those out if you want to stock up for market season! We love seeing your finished items, but kindly ask that you give pattern credit to Darling Jadore. Be sure to tag us @DarlingJadore on Instagram and social media so we can see your work-in-progress or finished item!

Please note that all patterns and photographs in this shop are the property of Darling Jadore™ and are thereby purchased under the agreement that they may not be distributed, copied, re-written in whole or part, or re-sold. Furthermore, all of Darilng Jadore crochet pattern and knitting pattern files are protected by U.S. Copyright and are property of Darling Jadore. It is illegal to redistribute, sell, or share the pattern in part or in whole, electronically or physically. We do not permit the usage of our photographs. You can read our official Copyright Statement and other information on our FAQ page

Accessing The Classic Teddy Crochet Pattern (And All Darling Jadore Knitting Patterns & Crochet Patterns): Retrieval, Downloading, Etc

We provide an extensive section, called "Help", on our website where we describe exactly how to download and access your knitting pattern or crochet pattern, printing instructions, instructional photos, and more.

All Darling Jadore knitting patterns and crochet patterns are digital downloads that are emailed immediately after payment is processed, so make sure you enter in your correct email at checkout. Unlike some knitwear designers, all Darling Jadore knitting pattern and crochet pattern links never expire, meaning you can download it at any time, and it will always be available to you. Additionally, all Darling Jadore knit and crochet patterns are "live", meaning that they are constantly being updated. Therefore, if any knitting pattern or crochet pattern you've purchased is updated (e.g., instructions changed, videos added, etc), you are sent an e-mail notification and all you need to do is simply re-download your file for the updated version. We at Darling Jadore are passionate about providing the highest quality knitting patterns and crochet patterns and videos to our customers, and to us, that means always updating versions of our knitting patterns and crochet patterns to make them the highest possible quality. Most of our knit and crochet patterns are 5+ pages long, include numerous instructional photos and schematics with specific measurements, as well as easy-to-read (i.e., "Plain English") instructions in addition to classic knit or crochet instructions. All Darling Jadore knitting patterns and crochet patterns are ad-free, and printer-friendly.

You can also create an account with Darling Jadore, if you want quicker checkout and an easier way to store all your patterns. Creating an account with Darling Jadore just makes it easier for you to store all of your pattern files and purchasing information in one place, and provides faster checkout. Therefore, you never need to sift through your e-mails to find your confirmation e-mail with the pattern download file; all your files are easily accessible in your account. You can create an account here.

If you ever have any tech issues at all, we have a team of technology specialists at Darling Jadore who are available to assist you. You can reach our Technical Support Team by e-mailing them at [email protected] and they will gladly assist you with any technical issues. We want the experience of our customers to be as smooth and easy as possible, so we're streamlined the checkout-to-download process as best we can!

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