The Pebble Wash Cloths and Mitt Knitting Patterns (Instant Download)


    “Lather up and exfoliate with this the eco-friendly, highly-effective Pebble Wash Cloths + Mitt combo! Featuring soft yet scrubby texture, this set is wonderfully effective at exfoliating and the perfect addition to your beauty and bath routine. As part of the Darling Jadore “Eco Collection; Bath Edition 1″, these two knitting patterns equip you with highly-detailed written instructions, links to helpful video tutorials and photo content, a schematic with precise measurements, tutorial photos within, a stitch glossary, and more. If you’re looking to add more eco-friendly, sustainable items to your bath and beauty routine, then look no further than The Pebble Wash Cloths + Mitt knitting patterns!”
    The Pebble Wash Cloths + Mitt knitting patterns (there are two patterns included in the file!) contains detailed written instructions, a stitch glossary, links to numerous video and photo tutorials, a schematic with measurements, a photo tutorial, information on adapting the pattern to make the mitt bigger or smaller, and more
    Beginner/Advanced-beginner knitters (simple knit stitches and techniques required for both patterns. Knitting in the round is required for the Pebble Mitt pattern)
    The Pebble Wash Cloths are seamlessly knitted flat, bottom-up (square shape) on straight knitting needles; The Pebble Mitt is seamlessly knitted in the round, bottom-up on double-pointed knitting needles.
    The Pebble Wash Cloths + Mitt feature soft yet scrubby texture that makes for an excellent exfoliator. The Pebble Cloths have a nubby texture and a little handle. The Pebble Mitt has a nubby texture and unisex fit.
    English. The Pebble Wash Cloths + Mitt knitting patterns are both written in standard American terms
    Pebble Wash Cloths: Length: Approx. 8 ¼” (20.955 cm); Width: Approx. 7 ¾” (19.685 cm); Handle length when attached: Approx. 2” (5.08 cm); Handle entire length prior to attachment: Approx. 4” (10.16 cm). The Pebble Mitt: The Pebble Mitt was written and designed for a unisex fit, but can easily be adapted to make larger or smaller. See information below. Circumference: Approx. 7” (17.78 cm) – 9” (22.86 cm); the fabric is very stretchy. Length: Approx. 8” (20.32 cm). Width when laid flat: Approx. 4” (10.16 cm). Instructions are provided within the pattern to adapt The Pebble Mitt to make it larger or smaller, if desired.
    Read all about the design concept of Eco Collection: Bath Edition 1 on the blog here
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