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Spa Day For Tired Knitting Hands: Top Picks & DIY Recipes For Soothing Hands

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Hi, everyone! Today I wanted to let you in on some of my favorite tips, tricks, and recommendations for keeping my hands strong and healthy. Since my main tools for my business are my hands, I do my best to treat them regularly to a "spa day", and use a variety of soaks, salves, machines, etc to help them. I hope you'll find some of these tips helpful! 

DIY Hand Soak Recipes

Pine Needles + Cedarwood Hand Soak 

One of my favorite things to do for tired hands are hand soaks. I will simply fill a basin with warm water and add in sachets filled with beautifully-smelling things like flower petals or pine needles. Sometimes I'll even put in some tea bags to make it even easier. I find that these hand soaks are simple, effective, and naturally relax any tension in my muscles and joints.

Recipe: Fill basin with warm water. Pick some fresh pine needles and cut them up into 0.5"-1" stitcks and place them inside the sachet. Then add a couple drops of cedarwood essential oil. Then put a little essential oil and pine needles into the water. Submerge hands in the water and relax for 10 minutes. 

Lavender Hand Soak 

Recipe: Fill basin with warm water. Put some dried lavender into the sachet with a couple drops of lavender essential oil. Then put a little essential oil and lavender buds into the water. Submerge hands in the water and relax for 10 minutes. 

Tools & Equipment Used In The Video

This machine is a game-changer. It uses air pressure to gently squeeze and massage the hands, and it has three settings for intensity and even heat. Since it's cordless (yay!), I can take it anywhere and enjoy a nice and relaxing massage. The air compression helps increase blood flow circulation, relieve muscle and joint tension, and reduce inflammation. After using this, my hands always feel renewed and strong.

These are beyond amazing! They come as two plastic gloves that are lined with a thin lining of mesh fabric inside. They are also filled with the softest, most luxurious, and heavenly-scented moisturizers inside. It's a twenty-minute treatement, so I can use them while working on the computer or doing house chores, and my hands always look completely renewed and are mega-soft for days after. I can't say enough good things about these gloves. 

Warming Hand Mitts

These heating pads for your hands are a must, and I've been using them for years and years. Many nice nail salons will have them, and they're such a treat to use. I usually pair this with the Moisturizing Hand Mitts above, and then let them sit inside the heat for twenty minutes. The heat soothes achy joints and muscles, and my hands always thank me after.

This is a fun piece of equipment that is more afforable than the air compression machine, and it utilizes steam, infrared light, and gentle vibration. All three combined makes the muscles in my hands feel relief and relaxed. I like the idea of steam moistuizing my skin, and the infrared light was very soothing as well. I usually follow up with a nice moisturizer and my  hands are as good as new.

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