The Rainfall Shawl Knitting Pattern ⨯ A Western Boho Half-Circle Shawl With Tassels

The Design Concept Of The Rainfall Shawl Knitting Pattern: Simple Lace With A Touch Of TasselsWhen designing The Rainfall Shawl knitting pattern, I knew right away I wanted to knit a boho-inspired shawl that had drop stitches, simple lace, and tassels! I absolutely love the look of tassels on knitwear accessories, but I wanted to make the tassels for this particular shawl extra long and flowy, and to create a design that reminded me of rain falling. Living out west, […]

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The Ruska Shawl Knitting Pattern ⨯ A Mustard Lace Half-Circle Shawl With Eyelets

The Design Concept Of The Ruska Shawl Knitting Pattern: Eyelet Lace Mustard Shawl For FallA lacy, mustard-yellow knitted scarf is a must-have during autumn for me, so I’d been playing around with the design concept for The Ruska Shawl knitting pattern since spring. It took me months of sketching and strategizing until I finally landed on a design that I fell in love with. The main inspiration behind The Ruska Shawl was the Quaking Aspens in the fall, and “Leaf […]

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The Calyx Shawl Knitting Pattern ⨯ A Lacy Square Shawl With Western-Style Tassels

The Design Concept For The Calyx Shawl Knitting Pattern: Boho-Inspired Lace + TasselsI spent months strategizing, sketching, and sampling various lace combinations and shawl shapes to get The Calyx Shawl knitting pattern exactly how I wanted, and I’m beyond thrilled to finally release it! If you haven’t already noticed, I have a bit of a thing for offsetting or juxtaposing various design elements; for example, The Posy Sweater was designed with a purposeful juxtaposition of a relaxed-fitted sweater with a super […]

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SPOTLIGHT ⨯ Our Top Beginner-Friendly Knit + Crochet Patterns

Where To Start: The Best Patterns For Beginner Knitters & CrochetersJust because you might not have the most advanced skills in knitting and crocheting, definitely does not mean that you can’t create beautiful knit or crochet items! Everyone has to start somewhere when learning how to knit or crochet, and that’s why I have many patterns offered that I specifically designed for beginners in mind. Specifically, designs that I think would make lovely holiday gifts. The patterns discussed in this […]

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Curated Pack ⨯ Ltd Ed. 1

Introducing The First Limited Edition Curated PackWe are so excited to introduce our first edition curated pack of discounted and hand-selected patterns that coordinate effortlessly. I specifically chose these patterns because they all incorporate simple yet elegant knit stitches of garter, cables, and ribbing, and when combined, can make and accessorize an entire outfit. Ordering this pack of patterns is also a better deal, because the pack is hugely discounted from over $20 to $13. All four patterns are suitable for […]

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The Honeymilk Throw Crochet Pattern ⨯ A Modern Twist On A Granny Square Blanket

The Crochet Design Concept For The Honeymilk Throw Crochet Pattern: A Modern Granny Square Blanket.Like many crocheters, I’m no stranger to granny squares. In fact, one of my first crochet projects ever was a large granny square blanket that turned out heavy, chunky, and overall had a very “handmade” look to it, which eventually ended up stored in the back of my closet! I’ve seen many granny square blankets over the years that always have that same “handmade” feel to it, […]

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The Lola Bag Crochet Pattern ⨯ A Fashion Backpack Purse

crochet pattern darling jadore

The Design Concept For The Lola Bag Crochet Pattern: A Fashion Backpack Purse That’s Super StylishA high-fashion look, trendy backpack straps, beautiful gold or silver details, and a classic crochet design — The Lola Bag has it all! Designing The Lola Bag was a really fun challenge, because I wanted to mix mediums and create a purse that didn’t have too much of a “handmade” look, but rather a fashion feel to it. Therefore, it was crucial to design The […]

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The Sinensis Tote Crochet Pattern ⨯ A Classic Granny Square Tote

granny square tote bag

The Design Concept For The Sinensis Tote Crochet Pattern: Granny Square InspirationWhen designing The Sinensis Tote crochet pattern, I wanted to create a super easy, beginner-friendly tote bag that’s a quick and easy summer crochet pattern to follow. And of course, I was greatly inspired by the classic granny square design, which I love so much — just see The Honeymilk Throw pattern for proof! I had a geometrical, no-fuss deign in mind, and wanted the look and feel of […]

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Easy Potholders ⨯ A FREE Crochet Pattern

free crochet pattern kitchen decor

A Fun + Easy Crochet Pattern For The Cutest Kitchen PotholdersWho doesn’t love a quick and simple crochet pattern to make the perfect kitchen potholders? Well I sure do, which is why I designed these and wanted to share this free crochet pattern and video tutorial! These potholders are crocheted with only simple stitches, and can easily be whipped up in less than half an hour to make perfect last-minute house welcoming gifts or just to add to your own […]

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The Isla Scarf Crochet Pattern ⨯ A Vintage-Inspired Lace + Bobbles Triangle Scarf

The Design Concept For The Isla Scarf Crochet Pattern: Bobbles, Lace, And A Vintage Feel!When designing The Isla Scarf, I had in mind to create a vintage-inspired crochet triangle scarf that was filled with beautiful stitches, bobbles, and lace details that keep every row interesting and fresh to crochet! I’m so inspired by vintage crochet designs, especially ones that involve intricate lacework and are so elegant. I purposely designed The Isla Scarf to be loaded up with details and lace, […]

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