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The Prism Sweater Knitting Pattern ⨯ Flirty For February With Off-Shoulder Detail

Design Concept For The Prism Sweater Knitting Pattern

Just because it's the middle of winter, doesn't mean you can't show a little shoulder -- especially with Valentine's Day approaching! And The Prism Sweater knitting pattern does just this: it keeps you cozy and warm while also stylish and flirty with a little pop of shoulder. My favorite season is winter, and I love everything that comes with it: snow, cozy days, sweaters, hot beverages, etc. But sometimes, after a few months of the brutal Colorado winter, it can be a bit tricky to dress stylishly without sacrificing warmth, especially during the most romantic month of the year! That's precisely why I designed The Prism Sweater: a flirty knit sweater for Valentine's Day...because flirty trumps frumpy every time!

I've personally always loved the look of an off-shoulder (aka: "cold shoulder") sweater that's got a few inches of positive ease to look flowy and relaxed. It's a nice way to stay cozy and warm but also look cute during winter. So designing The Prism Sweater satisfied all my creative desires for a cozy winter sweater that's actually stylish and perfect to make and wear just in time for Valentine's Day. 

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The Prism Sweater: Options & Sizing 

You have two options for this knitting pattern: Option #1: Get only the pattern PDF, which includes schematics, photos, step-by-step instructions, and everything else a knitting pattern ought to have; or Option #2: Get the "Premium Pattern Package", which gives you access to the PDF plus five video tutorials that help guide you through knitting it. When you choose the Premium Pattern Package option, you'll walk away insured that you'll never get stuck, because you'll always have video support to refer to, and you'll get to build your knitting skills repertoire in the process. Double win!

The pattern for The Prism Sweater includes a sizing guide with measurements and also includes instructions to make the sweater much larger or smaller if you wish. Since it's knitted top-down, it's super easy to adapt the pattern to fit your specific size and create the sweater much smaller or larger than the measurements below, and the pattern provides information on how to do so. But for convenience, the sizes of the sweater – XS, S, (M), L, XL, XXL -- correspond to the approximate shoulder circumference measurement of up to: 38”, 41”, (43.5”), 47”, 50”, 54”. 

And have you heard about our Learn page yet? It's an extensive free resource filled to the brim with information on stitches, reading knitting patterns, terms, schematics, and also filled with loads of photos and video tutorials for many stitches that are required by Darling Jadore patterns. No need to spend your hard-earned money on a book just to learn how to knit and helpful tips and tricks. Plus, who even has time to flip through a book?! We designed this digital resource to be user-friendly with a menu that you can click on and it will immediately direct you to the location you want to go in under one second. Want to learn how to Kfb? Click on "kfb" and at lightning speed, you're presented with photos, a video tutorial, and accompanying text to learn. We've also included other informative information like how to read a knitting pattern, common abbreviations, information on blocking, Sierra's top picks for starting a knitting tool kit, information on Continental-style knitting and more. The best part? We're continually updating and growing the content. And if you're wondering, yes we'll be launching a crochet "Learn" page soon too!

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Details About The Knitting Pattern 

New to knitting a sweater? Not to worry! You can still  knit The Prism Sweater with ease if you choose the Premium Pattern Package option, because the video tutorials are exceptional tools to help guide you through the knitting process. But if you choose to forgo the package option, the PDF contains enough details to help you make The Prism Sweater easily. 

The Prism Sweater is knitted top down on circular knitting needles. There is absolutely zero neck shaping, since it's an off-shoulder design, so that's one major tricky step you'll get to avoid with this pattern (yay!). You'll start knitting this sweater at the neckline, then move down to the yoke for a few rows of increases, then you'll divide your sleeves and work the rest of the body of the sweater, before coming back to the sleeves to knit them at the end. The entire sweater is knitted using very simple stitches, except there's a slightly more unique stitch for the rib at the top, bottom, and cuffs of sleeves that make it stand out a bit more instead of getting buried in a sea of creamy fluff! But let's be honest: the off-shoulder detail steals most of the show!

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A Breakdown Of The Knitting Pattern: What Do I Get?

  • You get to choose between two options: Option #1: Get the "Premium Pattern Package", which includes the 8-page printable PDF plus f​​​​ive detailed video tutorials to help guide you; or Option #2: Get only the digital PDF file and forgo the video tutorial support.
  • Regardless of which option you choose, you will receive:
    •  A highly-detailed 8-page PDF digital file with step-by step instructions, schematics, and tutorial photos.
    • Loads of helpful tips and tricks for knitting this sweater (and other top-down sweaters) more easily and quickly, so you'll walk away with more knitting knowledge to add to your repertoire.
    • All the specific details of all the materials and yarn used to create the exact sweater in the photos.
    • Size charts and dimensions to help you pick the size you want to make this sweater in. Remember, the pattern is written for sizes Extra Small through 2XL, but can easily be adapted for larger or smaller sizes (and tips are within the pattern on how to do this).
    • A quick written explanation of some of the stitches and techniques used in the pattern for convenience.
    • All the basic knitting pattern attributes: gauge, abbreviations, step-by-step instructions, basic technique explanations, e-mail support, etc.
off shoulder knit sweater pattern
darling jadore knitting pattern

So if you're looking for a sweater knitting pattern that's both flirty and easy to make just in time for Valentine's Day, then The Prism Sweater is for you! It's a super quick knit project that can easily be finished within two weeks to wear for your big Valentine's Day date. Or, if you're like some of my friends, this is the perfect project to work on during the Super Bowl this Sunday (ha!). Happy knitting, everyone! 

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