The Cloud Sweater Knitting Pattern | Premium Pattern Package

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    “With a heavenly halo of silky yarn fuzz that is delicately accented with a gorgeous cable flowing down the center, The Cloud Sweater is a fashionable knit sweater with simple yet striking details! This knitting pattern is suitable for intermediate knitters and the sweater is knitted top-down on circular knitting needles. Featuring a mock turtleneck in classic ribbing, and a sea of stockinette stitches for the body that are broken up with a big flowing front cable, The Cloud Sweater knitting pattern is a must-have for the colder months!”
    This listing is for the Premium Pattern Package which contains the instant-download digital knitting pattern file + a series of premium video tutorials for “The Cloud Sweater”. The Cloud Sweater knitting pattern is a 10-page detailed knitting pattern file containing instructions, photos, + schematics
    Intermediate knitters
    The Cloud Sweater knitting pattern includes a sizing guide with measurements and also includes instructions to make the sweater much larger or smaller if you wish. Since it’s knitted top-down, it’s easy to adapt the knitting pattern to fit your specific size and create the sweater much smaller or larger than the measurements below, and the pattern provides information on how to do so. But for convenience, the sizes of the knitted sweater – XS, S, (M), L, XL, XXL — correspond to the approximate bust measurements of up to: 33” (83.82 cm), 34” (86.36 cm), (36”) (91.44 cm), 39” (99.06 cm), 44” (111.76 cm), 49” (124.46 cm)
    English. The Cloud Sweater knitting pattern is written in standard American terms; Videos are provided in English
    Pattern includes linked shopping list.
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