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A special space that allows any and every knitter, crocheter, and crafter an opportunity to relax and embrace their craft at a slower pace. 

What are knitscapes?

We've created  and sourced ambient environmental and nature sounds (i.e., geophony and biophony) and have harmoniously blended them with scenes that we filmed specially designed to enhance calming sensations while watching and listening. The overall audio and visual footage displayed is recommended while working on a Darling Jadore knit or crochet pattern to enhance the overall experience at a more relaxing, slower, more enjoyable pace. All Darling Jadore knitscapes are pleasant to watch with any pattern or used in conjunction with any crafting project, and are also wonderful used as ambient backdrop sounds while at work, home, meditating, or before bed.

"With the busyness of this modern world, I wanted to carve out a tranquil place where mindfulness in the form of creating, art, and design was honed for a deeper connection with the craft and to open the mind for more creativity and imagination to flow. At the heart of this space is a desire to enhance  centeredness, intentionality, and joy."

- Sierra, Creative Director

Relaxing Ambience 

For Crafting

Magic Forest Light

A calm mountain forest breeze dances through the pine trees. Chickadees, sparrows, and other birds singing their relaxing melodies. The pages of the vintage book laid on the forest floor continue to turn from the gentle breeze, creating an enchanting, magical forest experience.

Summer Meadows Birdsong

A kitty soaking in the summer sunshine on a windowsill and cleaning herself. The cheerful birdsong from the meadows and prairies outside. Vintage items, yarn, and knitting projects shine in the sun, creating a relaxing summer experience.

An Enchanting Mountain Stream

Fresh snow and ice runoff from the snow-capped Rocky Mountains of Colorado and flow gently through stones and lush moss, creating the most magical sounds and scene.

Cozy Evening Indoors

The flickering of a soft lantern. reflects of vintage books, wildflowers, and other trinkets. A kitty sleeps in the background. The gentle rolls of thunder and continuous rain hitting the windows and roof, creates a cozy, soothing evening experience. 

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