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Hi there! We are Darling Jadore, a team of creatives selling original knitting patterns, crochet patterns and designs, offering free patterns, posting video tutorials, and more. The design portion of our business is headed by the lead designer, Sierra, and Darling Jadore also consists of various test-knitters, pattern editors, technical assistants, and videographers who help make it a success. We're located in Colorado.

Sierra is the head of the design portion of Darling J'adore and she is responsible for designing every knitting pattern and crochet pattern offered, filming most of the video tutorials, and modeling all the finished items. Most of her designs begin as drawn sketches, which eventually turn into charts, schematics, and written text for the end product: a digital knit or crochet pattern file or video. Sierra has more than two decades worth of experience knitting and crocheting, has received training in sewing and embroidery, and also worked as a high fashion model in New York City, where her interest in fashion design deepened. As an independent knitwear designer, Sierra sells all of her designs under her own label, as well as offers licensing rights for her designs to some companies worldwide. A licensed attorney, Sierra made a career change to follow her passion in knitwear design full-time in 2018.

You can learn much more about us and read our FAQs here. There, we discuss more in-depth details about downloading our digital knit or crochet pattern files, information on shipping and the Premium Pattern Packages (that contain videos), learning how to knit, and other answers to questions we often get asked.

We'd love to connect with you on Instagram and Pinterest at @DarlingJadore. We share all of our behind-the-scenes process on our Instagram page.

You can also find our patterns on Etsy, Ravelry, and LoveKnitting.